Is It Possible D-Link Extender Setup Via The D-Link App?

dlink app

Yes, it can! With the assistance of the dlink app, users of the dlink can easily complete the dlink extender setup. Dlink app is another option or way in order to complete the setup and this method is widely used by dlink customers. Basically, Dlink an app is software that assists not only complete the setup but is also helpful in terms of dlink extender login. In this blog, we will discuss that how to do a dlink extender setup with the dlink app.

The Steps For Dlink Extender Setup Via Dlink App.

Note: Steps of the dlink extender setup are the same either you are a user of an android phone or an iPhone.

  1. Before starting the dlink extender setup, ensure you remember your wifi name and password.
  2. In order to start the process of the dlink extender setup, you must download the dlink app from the play store. However, if you are an iPhone mobile user then go to the apple store and download the dlink app.
  3. Once you download the app, now should install it on your phone and open it and press the new device button which appears on your mobile screen.
  4. After that, a new window will see on your screen in which you have to press the QR button and scan the code which is located back of your dlink extender.

Note: Until the dlink extender setup is not complete, you have to near locate your dlink extender to your mobile phone. Once the setup is complete, you can keep your dlink extender according to your preference.

  1. During the setup process, your dlink extender is start to blink in different colors. Once it blinks solid red color it indicates that your device is in the booting process but when it changes into orange and starts flashing orange color it means it’s ready for setup and presses the next button.
  2. After this, you can see the wifi list which is available near you, Now you opt for your wifi connection and type the password in the required field.
  3. Follow all on-screen instructions and do make changes according to your preference.
  4. If you want to make changes to your configurations, you have to configure your admin password for your extender and this password is necessary for this.
  5. On the last screen, what you make changes done in the dlink extender setup show in one screen, in order to save all changes you have to press the save button.
  6. Now your dlink extender setup via the dlink app is complete and orange light is converted into the blue light which indicates that your setup is complete.
  7. However, your dlink extender still blinks the orange light it means your setup is not might happen when you type the wrong password.
  8. In order to solve this issue, you have to reset your dlink extender device and restart the entire process again.


So this is all about the dlink extender setup via the dlink app. We hope that this blog will help you but if you want more information on it then you can visit our site and get the solutions from our experts’ team who are available 24 hours for your assistance.


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