How Can I Do the Dlink Dap 2230 Extender Setup?

dlink dap 2230 extender setup

Are you frustrated once you get an error during Dlink dap 2230 Extender Setup? And you are unable to complete the Dlink dap 2230 Extender Setup. So don’t worry with the assistance of this blog you will overcome error that occurs and you will effectively complete the dlink extender setup. In order to complete the Dlink dap 2230 Extender Setup, you can follow the mentioned steps.

Steps Of Dlink Dap 2230 Extender Setup:

  • Primarily, open an updated internet browser such as Goggle, Internet explore, and type the in the address bar and press enter.
  • After typing the IP address you can see a Dlink login window on your computer screen in which you must enter the username and password.
  • Once the login process is complete you will land on the next window in which you should set your Dlink username and password and make other changes.
  • Make sure all the settings are saved by pressing the save button.
  • When you press the update button, it takes around 120 seconds in order to complete the

Dlink dap 2230 Extender Setup.

  • Press on the save button.
  • Wait until once your  Dlink dap 2230 Extender Setup is not complete and don’t shut down your computer otherwise all the setup will hinder.
  • However, if you get any kind of error during the setup, it might you to select the wrong settings. So make all the changes are done carefully.
  • After 120 seconds, the Dlink dap 2230 extender setup is complete.
  • During this time period, you can complete the basic wireless settings.

Basic Wireless Settings:

Wireless  Band:

From the drop-down list, opt for 2.4 GHz.


From the drop-down, choose the Access Point option.

Network Name: 

SSID is the name given to a particular wireless network. The factory default configuration for the SSID is a Dlink that connects to an existing wireless network or to create a new one, simply update the SSID. In order to set up a new wifi network, the SSID has a maximum length of 32 characters and It is also case-sensitive.

SSID Visibility:

SSID visibility can be enabled or disabled. Enabling this option causes the SSID to be broadcast.

Auto Channel Selection:

All network users will be able to see it because it is spread across the network. When you enable this option, the channel that gives the best wifi performance is automatically selected. Enable is the default setting. Only when the AP is powering up does the channel selection process take place.


The same channel must be shared by all devices on the network. In order to change the channel, primarily disable the Auto Channel Selection setting, then after that open the drop-down menu to select the desired channel.

Channel Width:

This allows you to choose the channel width in which you want to work. If you don’t have an 802.11n wireless client, choose 20 MHz. You can connect to both 802.11n and 802.11b/g wireless devices on your network with Auto 20/40 MHz.


  • Choose Open System, Shared Key, WPAPersonal, WPA-Enterprise, or 802.11x from the drop-down option.
  • To send the key across the network, choose Open System.
  • For those devices that have the same WEP settings, select Shared Key to limit communication and that option is not available if a multi-SSID is enabled.
  • In order to secure your network make sure you use a strong password and dynamic key changes and choose WPA-Personal. There is no kind of need for a radius server.
  • To secure your network, use WPA-Enterprise, which includes a radius server.
  • Select 802.1x to use 802.1x authentication to safeguard your network.

We hope this blog will help you to get the information on  Dlink dap 2230 Extender Setup. whereas if you want more detailed information on it then you can visit our site and meet our experts’ team who are available on live chat.



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