What Is Dlinkap.Local & How It Works?

Basically, Dlinkap.local is D-Link extender’s configuration domain which is used for configuration of your Dlink extender. When you hit web domain on the  “URL bar” then, the web domain redirects you to the IP address ‘′ and open the setup wizard page.

Quite frustrating, When you search the web domain or as a result, extender setup wizard page doesn’t respond at all, right? Well, there could be many reasons for dlinkap.local not working.


Without delaying any time, Let’s begin the process to fix dlinkap.local not working issues to make your extender setup hassle free.

Fix Dlinkap.Local Not Working Issues

dlinkap.local not working
  • Match the accurate spelling’s of web domain you are entering.

  • Clear the cache and cookies of your browser or try another browser.

  • Make sure you are not using any third party VPN software, If yes then uninstall it.

  • Remove the extender once and plug it again.

  • Ensure your extender is turned on and orange LED light is blinking.

  • If there is proper internet connectivity, then use the default IP address

  • Connect with default wireless utility and enter default password.

  • Go to the CMD Prompt once and enter ipconfig.

  • Match the ip address of extender there.

Methods To Setup Dlink Wireless Extender

So you landed here because you are looking to setup your extender through web address, don’t worry lets follow the one by one method below for Dlink extender setup. 

Dlink Wireless Extender Setup Through http://dlinkap.local

  • Plug the old phone charger type adaptor in electric outlet.

  • Ensure your extender’s orange LED is blinking, that means extender is turned on and getting proper power supply.

  • Click on the Wi-fi network section and connect to the newly found wi-fi connection.

  • Enter the default Wi-fi password situated on your extender.

  • Open web browser -> Type ‘’ (or) www.dlinkap.local -> Press enter.

  • Enter the username as admin and leave the password blank, click login.

  • Enter password for existing Wi-fi network and click next.

  • Give name password for your extender and click next.

  • Now setup the password for Dlink extender login and click next.

  • You observe the LED change to solid green means setup is successfully complete now.
dlink extender wps setup method

Dlink Wireless Extender Setup Via WPS

  • Before starting a Dlink Setup via WPS, ensure that your extender and main Wi-Fi router are placed in the same room.

  • Ensure the extender power is turned on.

  • Now press/hold the ‘WPS’ button present on the extender’s side.

  • Within just two minutes, hit the ‘WPS’ button as well on the router.

  • Now, wait till the LED turns to a ‘green’ color.

  • Once the connection is established between the extender and router the LED light will change to a solid green color.

  • Now, the extender is ready to use. Just remove the extender from the electricity switch and place it in the desired place where you required good range of Wi-Fi signals.

Dlink Wireless Extender Setup in AP Mode

  • Click ‘AP’ -> Enter an SSID name (same as of the main Wi-Fi router.)

  • Set the channel to ‘Auto’ -> Select ‘WPA2/PSK’ as a security option.

  • Now enter a ‘Password’ according to your preference and click apply.

  • Select that Wi-Fi network from the list of all available networks that your main router offers and enter its security key.

  • Now give a unique name to this repeater -> Hit “OK”

  • Now you can attach your gadgets to the repeater’s Wi-Fi network and enjoy seamless high-speed internet.
dlink qrs mobile app setup

Dlink Extender Setup Via QRS Mobile App.

  • To start with, download the QRS app from the play store.

  • Type the QRS app in the search bar and install it on your phone.

  • Once you download the app, you must go to settings in order to link wifi connections with your dlink router.

  • Go to the settings and on your wifi and connect it with your default from the router.

  • Now, go to the QRS app and open it and wait until once it detects your connection.

  • Press on the start button and the process of further setup is starting.

  • Carefully follow all instructions which are available on your mobile.

  • After that, you can set the wi-fi settings.

  • Enter the username and password in the given space and select the next button.

  • Once you press the next button, in the next window, a router password is required, so you should enter the router password.

  • At last, all settings which are done by you display as in a box on your mobile screen.

  • Read it carefully and press the save button and check your connection.

Dlink Extender Firmware Update - Quick And Simple

  • Visit D-Link’s official website and enter your extender model number in the search field.

  • Now download the updated version of firmware with respect to your extender model.

  • Save the file on your system(usually on the desktop of your computer).

  • Visit the dlink extender login page.

  • After logging in hit Administration tab -> hit “Firmware Update button”.

  • Now locate the downloaded firmware file by clicking on the browse button.

  • Now upload that file and start to update the Dlink extender firmware process.