What Exactly A Dlinkap.Local Is?

Basically, Dlinkap.local is the D-Link extender’s configuration domain which is used for setup your Dlink extender. When you hit Dlinkap.local on the “address bar” or a “URL bar” then, the website address redirects you to the IP address ‘′.

So you landed here because you are looking to setup your extender through dlinkap.local web address, don’t worry lets follow the one by one method below for Dlink extender setup. Before jump to setup part have a look at  dlinkap.local setup wizard.

Know About Dlinkap.Local Setup Wizard

dlinkap.local setup wizard

With the help of Dlink setup wizards of various extender models such as D-Link dap 1320, dap 1520, dap 1330, the configuration process of this device becomes very easy. You can resolve several issues regarding internet connectivity and speed effortlessly. Furthermore, it also allows you to enhance the network connectivity by simply following the dlinakp.local setup wizard and setting up the extender in a couple of seconds.

Steps For Dlink Extender Setup Through Dlinkap.local

The first method of Dlink extender setup via a web browser. It is a proven and effortless way to setup your extender wirelessly. 

Do You Really Want to Add the Bookmark of Dlinkap.local Extender Configuration Page?

Steps For Dlink Extender Setup Via WPS

The second method of Dlinkap.local Setup is setup via WPS. Let’s go through the setup process in a detailed manner.

Dlink Extender Setup in AP Mode

After discussing Dlinkap.local Extender Setup Via Web-Browser and WPS, now let’s move on to the Dlinkap.local setup in AP mode. If this technology is new for you, then you must wonder what AP mode is?

Well, AP is an access point. It is a  gadget that builds a wireless local area network, usually in large buildings such as warehouses, factories, offices or in corporate sectors. An access point or AP attaches to a cabled router, hub, or switch with the help of an Ethernet cord, and projects a Wi-Fi signal to a selected area.

Steps For Dlinkap.local Login Process

Here we have enlisted a step-by-step process of Dlinkap.local login. Follow it properly!

Steps To Fix Dlinkap.Local Not Working Issue

By following all the above-listed steps, your dlinkap.local not working issue will be resolved. If you still face an issue, then follow some advanced technical steps to fix dlinkap.local not working issue.

Advance Technical Steps To Fix Dlinkap.Local Not Connecting Issue

Here is the advanced procedure to fix dlinkap.local not connecting issue. Just follow it properly. An individual can do it without any expert help. Have a look!

After applying all these advanced steps, your dlinkap.local not connecting issue is fixed and now you are able to enjoy high-speed internet connectivity hassle-free.

Dlinkap.Local Firmware Update - Quick And Simple

Want to update dlinkap.local firmware? Follow the below-listed simple steps for a quick and efficient solution.

We really hope that all the information regarding the dlinkap.local provided on this page proves useful for you. If you need further help with the Dlink wireless login and setup, then feel free to talk to our experts.